How it Works



Fill in the Global Entry form

Pay our service fee

We carefully check your form.


Go to your interview.


Get your global card in the mail.


How to get global entry

We help you every step of the way.


When you send your form to us, you know that it will be checked carefully. If we find any missing info, we let you know straight away.


With the next step, we build your login profile. This keeps your data secure. Next, your data is sent to the govt. Then we pay the security check fee for you. We use the bank card that you listed on your form under the fee section.


We email your login details so that you can check your status. Our email tells you, what to do next and how to book your interview.


When all of this is done, your application is pending review. This means that the govt is going to look at it. They will make a lot of background checks to make sure that you are not a security threat. This keeps our borders safe. It can take up to 6 months to make the checks.


If you pass the checks, you will be conditionally approved. At this stage, you can book your interview. The interview takes 30 minutes. It takes place at a global entry center. You can choose the one that is closest to your home or work.


Your global card is sent in the mail within 10-14 days.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. There is no age limit. But, everyone in your family must send in a separate form.

You can be rejected for the program if your info is not right or it's not finished.