We offer paid assistance and consultancy for your Global Pass application. It takes up to 6 months to get to the compulsory interview stage with us or the government. You can apply directly with the government free of charge here but you still have to pay the program fees. It may take hours and if you make a mistake your application can be denied.
Government fee: $100.00 (for background and security checks). LRT Application service fee: $139.99 (for creating your government profile, reviewing and submitting your application).
When you are approved, you can use your PASSID to fasttrack security on departure from most U.S. airports. This will save you time because there is no need to take off belts, jackets or shoes or get your laptop and liquid bags out!

Citizens of the following countries are eligible to apply:

United States

Germany – applicants must first join the German EasyPASS Program


Netherlands – applicants must first join the Dutch FLUX program

Republic of Korea – applicants must first join the SES program


United Kingdom – applicants must first apply for an access code via the UK government

Permanent residents of the United States are also eligible providing they have lived in the USA for three consecutive years before applying for membership.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents may use the Global lines by joining the NEXUS program.

All applicants must also be legally admissible to the United States, must have complied with immigration and customs regulations during previous travel, and must also have a clean criminal history. Additionally, if the applicant is under 18, both parents must provide their written consent.


There are only two steps you need to take to get your Global card with us.

The global card program is open to US citizens and permanent residents. You can also apply if you are a citizen of one of the approved countries like Mexico. Membership lasts for 5 years.

You must have a clean file with the police, immigration, and customs.