The Global Pass speeds up your entry into the US.

When you fly, you can get to your gate faster. You can use the TSA Pre lines in departures. When you return to the US, you can avoid long lines and lots of questions at customs and immigration.

The Global Entry card makes travel easy for you.

When you’re approved, you can use your PASSID number to speed thru security at most U.S. airports. This saves time because there’s no need to take off belts, jackets or shoes or get your laptop and liquid bags out.

You must pass all of the govt checks to get Global Entry. Our company makes Global Entry forms easy for you.

We think that when you apply for a global card, it should be hassle-free. The global entry form that we made for you is easy to understand. We use plain English to connect with you. You won’t hear fancy terms, lawyer-speak, or tech words. Furthermore, if there is something you don’t grasp, we will help you. We can assist you every step of the way.

There are two fees that you must pay when you get Global Entry with us. We charge a fee for our Global Pass checks. This fee is on top of the govt fee.

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There are only two steps you need to take to get your Global card with us.

The global card program is open to US citizens and permanent residents. You can also apply if you are a citizen of one of the approved countries like Mexico. Membership lasts for 5 years.

You must have a clean file with the police, immigration, and customs.