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The 4 Key Reasons Why Executive Protection
is Important to an Organization

Executive protection services provide
peace of mind

Executive protection services provide
good continuity

Executive protection services increase

Executive protection services enable ease
of travel

Executive protection services provide peace of mind

The knowledge that a discreet and highly-experienced team of professionals is hard at work to prevent unwanted situations has a momentous effect on the mental health of the individual involved. For C-suite execs, there’s a myriad of reasons to worry… Personal safety and that of their loved ones are likely to be at the forefront of these. However, even minor invasions of privacy can also have long-lasting effects.

Those in the public eye need to be sure that their personal space is protected from those who wish to gain attention from a high-profile attack. Such events might not be physically harmful, but an incident that gets picked up by the media (such as being the target of a disturbance, protest, or similar) can be hugely damaging, both to them and the company they work for.

A good executive protection team works tirelessly in the background to dramatically reduce the risk of any unwanted events, allowing the exec to direct their full concentration on their work, rather than other matters.

Executive protection services provide good continuity

Sudden incapacitation of a high-ranking member of an organization (or, worst-case scenario, their untimely death) for any reason is hugely disrupting to business. In addition, such an event causes knee-jerk reactions due to loss of consumer confidence. Resulting unwanted effects include reductions in share prices, negative press, and a decrease in professional trust.

While executive protection can’t guarantee that such circumstances will never occur, the likelihood is dramatically reduced through intelligence gathering, protection planning, trained drivers, and having first-aid trained security personnel on scene to deal with any health-related events.

Executive protection services increase productivity

Another vital reason why executive protection is important to an organization is that it allows the C-suite to be truly productive. The service is so much more than just being a ‘bodyguard’. Every element of the exec’s life will be examined and logistically improved. From travel arrangements to the assurance that their children are safely picked up after extra-curricular activities, the benefits of a life without unnecessary interruptions lead to greatly increased productivity.

Executive protection services enable ease of travel

Despite technology, travel continues to eat up a large proportion of a C-suite’s time. Depending on the quality of planning, this can either be a smooth experience or a physical nightmare.

Having a top-class executive protection program that takes care of the logistics of constant travel—especially in emerging nations and/or hostile environments—makes a very real difference. The need for the exec to travel might be a necessary evil, but with the right team behind the planning, it doesn’t have to be an ongoing unpleasant scenario.